These products are an extension of my life journey.

Welcome to M. Grace CHAKRA WEAR.

  • Hi and welcome to my M. Grace Chakra Wear website. I’m Marilee and I strive to be enthusiastic, creative and a seeker of all things good. I began an early career using my artistic talents for illustration and copyright and built a small graphics business while raising two sons with my husband. I stayed that course for 18 years. It was during these early years I began constructing my idea of joining comfortable clothing with a focus on chakra balancing and wellbeing. For reasons, let’s just call them, pre designed, I entered a completely different path, obtained my nursing degree and “landed” in the field of hospice. Everyday I was (and still am) given the gift of empowerment from those enveloped in their sacred space of illness, loss and grief. Enriched by these experiences, the multi-layered wisdom I was granted daily, silently seeped within. Little did I know then, just how much that empowerment would hold me and strengthen me. When my life quickly changed and I found myself in the unknown personal territory of illness, unconstrained and unbidden, all the wisdom that had seeped in, seeped out, holding me in the same sacred space I had perceived countless times before. The lessons of these difficult times gave to me the fortitude to re-start my dream from so many years before. After my personal war on disease was complete, my vitality and the vision of my dream was reborn. M.Grace Sheeting CHAKRA SUPPORT WEAR was no longer just a yearning. My dream became my intention.

    My passion for exercise, meditation, and chakra awareness and balance has evolved into easy wear clothing that is comfortable and versatile whether active or at rest.  Balance your chakras ~~~~ Balance your life.

    My mission is simple; to empower and inspire.

    My designs are meant to remind us to remain balanced and grounded and also to ignite action with powerful words of wisdom.

    Please join me in sharing with our community how you choose to live. Together we can empower and inspire by lifting up one another and taking the time to be a light in the hearts of those around us.

    I know you will find your inspiration in my bold designs and meaningful mantras while sharing your personal messages. Whether it be a conversation or only a second of awareness the reminder may last a lifetime.

    Words are sacred and together we can build a community that binds us through caring and through sharing as we strengthen those we come in contact with, no matter how small the act. I believe we all have something to say; LET US SAY IT TOGETHER!

    Learn more about M Grace Chakra Wear tanks and (the soon to be available) beanies here and don’t forget to join our community, at the top of our page. This will be a place to learn together, share together and be updated on what’s new. I look forward to learning and growing with you.

    “To give anything less then your best is to sacrifice the gift.”  ~Steve Prefontaine



What people are saying...


I love my shirt. So comfy!


I wore my tank to yoga this morning and it moved so freely. I didn’t have to readjust my shirt the entire time. Good stuff.


They are soooo comfy and they fit well.


This was a Christmas present to myself. I love it!!


My shirt fits beautifully and the fabric is so comfortable. I look forward to adding to my collection.


The material of my shirt is so nice and the fit is perfect. I love the message!


OMG I love love love my shirt. The quality is amazing! And guess what, if you don’t mind, this is my next tattoo.


I love my top! The material is so soft and comfortable.


Love them!!! Thank u!!!


I receive so many compliments on my tanks. The mantras I have are so personal to me. They’re just what I need to pick me up when I feel like I could use good thoughts!
Thank you!


I absolutely love how soft and durable the tank tops are. What I love most about the tanktops is the thoughtful meaning behind each of the Chakra designs.


Love this shirt! Great fit, beautiful design and so extremely comfy!


Most comfortable and versatile tank I own!


Inspiring tanks that are super comfy and can put up with my workouts! True athleisure wear!


I cannot say enough about these Chakra Wear tops. They are honestly flattering and even better, they are so soft, durable and are constructed very well. The design is the best combination of cute, meaningful. Not trendy.


I never want to take it off! They are so comfortable, I sleep in them.