The experience of “knowing” we have encountered an unseen force of good begs the question, “Do we all have a posse of angels?” Maybe it was the voice that demanded you STOP and look the other way only to be saved. The calming in an instant while overfilled with sadness, the feeling you are not alone in times of need or have been given the direction best for you to proceed. They may meet you in form in a parking lot, a hospital setting, a grocery store.

The distinctive ways our guardians envelope and guide us are endless. And the more in tune we learn to become and practice to remain aware the more opportunity we create for open invitation and longing. In return we give them the gift they are meant for; to be of service to humanity. Your invitation is your divine right as much as their service is their purpose. How will you know? You just will. You will know as Angels are of light and your vibrational energy will rise during your encounter.

So as these many beautiful messengers move through life with you, give them the chance to do their job, let stillness open your heart, rise up and listen.

“Make yourself familiar with the Angels and behold them frequently in spirit; for being without being seen, they are present with you”. ~~~ St. Francis de Sales