There are days that test our limits, test our capacity to forgive and to love. Truly love, without expectation, without reason or return.

Ahhh the highest of high; unconditional love. We all know it’s human to experience times when we feel our personal incapability to give love unconditionally.

In these times when unconditional love feels like an impossible feat, we ask ourselves; Is there such a thing as enough is enough? We all tire, we all feel defeat, depleted, sad, alone, lonely, fear, hate, loss, grief, weakness, failure, inadequacy, useless, inflexible, angry, intolerant and plain old worn down. It’s at these times unconditional love feels just too heavy a burden to accomplish. When you find yourself boxed in constriction recognize this is the perfect time to remember that unconditional love will liberate and release you from a myriad of worthless illusions.

Breath deep, expand your vibe and search for your smile that resides deep down in your very substance. Illuminate your reality with the beauty of your true self and allow your shell to shatter. Stand naked in your vulnerability and shine into the open. Feel the power of your unconditional love. You and those in your path will reap it’s priceless gifts. And in time we will know, enough is only enough when we have given our unconditional love.

“There is no greater power on heaven or on earth than pure unconditional love. ~~~~ Wayne Dyer

Blessings, Marilee